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Local traditional meals are served in a pleasant, old-fashioned setting inside the inn and in a shaded garden. Apart from good food, we offer a wide selection of premium Slovenian wines.

Skilful chefs will see to it that you get your delicious fill of excellent food prepared according to local tradition. We strive to satisfy each and every one of your wishes. You will find available a large selection of meatless dishes, traditional local dishes, salads and desserts; and we have not forgotten about the guests who prefer the classics either.


Below are a few house specialties:


1. Menu
A country feast

• Steak, home recipe
• Barley soup served in a bread bowl
• A rustic feast, in earthenware – a medley of black pudding, fried sausage, Gorenjska-style stuffed pork stomach (gorenjski želodec) and roast meat with a side of hard-boiled buckwheat flour mush (žganci), sauerkraut, turnips, rolled dumplings (štruklji), local ravioli (žlikrofi), potato sauté and horseradish
• Apple, our grandmother's recipe (baked, filled with nuts and covered in honey)

2. Menu
A walnut roll

• Cooked beef tongue with kohlrabi, horseradish, basil and nuts
• Pumpkin soup in a pumpkin or leek soup in a pepper
• Roast beef with rolled dumplings (štruklji)
• Season salad
• Walnut roll baked in an old-fashioned mould, sliced in front of the guests

3. Menu

Home-style dessert

• Veal pâté with walnuts and stuffed pork stomach with a side of porridge
• Mushroom soup served in a bread bowl
• Stuffed veal breast and wrapped roast beef stuffed with dried plums, fried potatoes, ravioli (žlikrofi)
• Light leaf salad
• Home-made desserts served on earthenware plates – small slices of a layered strudel (gibanica), apple strudel, boiled cheese and buckwheat dumplings (štruklji) with walnut filling, and in the middle of it all an apple filled with home-made apple ice-cream

Tel.: 04-537 48 00

The pictures A country feast, A walnut roll and Home-style dessert are from the book Stoletne gostilne na Slovenskem, photos by Peter Marinšek.


During pumpkin season

Old-fashioned goat curds and bacon

A black-radish spread makes
for an excellent starter

Buckwheat fritters with millet groats and
cottage cheese

Buckwheat mush with milk for all generations

Homemade pâté with special seasoning

Mystery escargot


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